One of the most important factors for the users of the time tracking system is the convenience of operation. It offers an easy and comfortable solution and garners the loyalty of its users, saving a lot of time.

Timetta mobile applications allow filling out the required timesheets «on the go,» getting immediate approvals without delays and wasting a lot of precious time.

Timetta for Android and Timetta for iOS offer the same level of functionality and implement similar working scenarios.

The user is able to use a login ID and password or use a Microsoft corporate account in order to sign in.

The first thing that appears on the screen in the summary of the current timesheet. The summary shows the current status of the timesheet and the overall working time amounts. By tapping the time distribution panel, the user is able to see detailed information about the working time.

Time distribution is in the form of timesheet representation. On the top you can see the calendar with timesheet dates. The list represents the rows of the timesheet. Each day on the log timesheet is represented with a separate list of rows, while the standard timesheet will have the same set of rows. The user is able to click on the row in order to open the page for time tracking.

The user is able to enter the time on the time tracking page using one of the following formats: number of hours (e.g., 1.5) or HH:MM format (e.g., 01:30). Furthermore, the user is able to add a comment to the completed work.

Depending on the settings within the system, the number of available parameters can be different. The following parameters are available by default: Customer, Project, Task, Activity, and Rate.

In order to select a task, the user has to select a customer, a project, and a task, or use the searching system.

The navigation bar makes it possible to switch between various lists. In particular, the user is able to switch to the list of timesheets awaiting approval.

The approval page shows a summary of the working time and allows one to see more detailed information such as the history of approval. While approving, the user is able to add a comment or reject the provided timesheet.

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