Applying Timetta in Consulting

The consulting and professional services business is based on the knowledge and expertise of employees. Whether it is strategic consulting, auditing, or accounting services, the time and expertise of the employees is at the core.

Careful time-tracking, planning and control of project performance and economy, resource allocation and utilization tracking are the keys to success and competitiveness in a challenging industry.

Timetta is tailored for the consulting business and meets its specific needs. Fixed-cost and T&M-based project management is available, with strict control over every billable hour from timesheet entry to client payment. Timetta tracks time using timesheets, which is the standard for time-tracking in consulting. Advanced resource allocation, project planning, and utilization control make it more cost-effective to use the team.

Timetta is a simple and smart solution to help you take control of your business.

What makes Timetta special?

Timetta is an easy-to-use, cloud-native solution built specifically for consulting business. There is no need to refine systems that are not designed for this purpose, wasting your time and money.

Timetta is an accounting and analytical solution, it does not replace task management and teamwork systems, but complements them, serving its purposes well — time-tracking resource management, project economy, and customer billing

Kirill Dyatko



More than 120 employees at the ALTHAUS investment consulting group are successfully using Timetta to track working time. The company implemented Timetta in order to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and the marginality of its projects.

User-friendly interface, cloud storage solutions, and incredible functionality allowed implementation of the entire solution for their commercial operation in the shortest possible time.

Afonkin Dmitry

Premium IT solution


Premium IT Solution is a company with more than 150 highly-qualified IT experts developing, implementing, and maintaining various software solutions. Thanks to Timetta, we are able to allocate working time and control paid services and our expenses, strictly controlling the key performance indicators of the projects and employees.

Timetta takes all the specific aspects of our business into account and is very convenient to use during regular business operation.

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