Using Timetta in Engineering Companies

Engineering requires highly professional and highly paid specialists. This is why it is so important to track time in detail, break down direct labor costs by project in order to evaluate the cost effectiveness of each project, and monitor the utilization of each team member.

Timetta helps you track time using timesheets without unnecessary pressure and excessive control over your employees. Timesheets approval process featured with customizable validation routes improving the quality of time-tracking. Direct labor costs per project are automatically generated, providing a P&L for each project.

In addition to recording actual hours and costs, Timetta will allow you to perform resource allocation on each project to estimate budgets. It also helps you create an overall team allocation plan between projects and a make long-term evaluation of staffing needs.

Timetta is a simple and smart engineering solution that allows you to improve agility in a highly competitive market and help you take control of key performance metrics.

What makes Timetta special?

Timetta is an easy-to-use, cloud-native solution built specifically for consulting business. There is no need to refine systems that are not designed for this purpose, wasting your time and money.

Timetta is an accounting and analytical solution, it does not replace task management and teamwork systems, but complements them, serving its purposes well — time-tracking resource management, project economy, and customer billing

Elena Gorbacheva

Strelka KB

Deputy CFO

KB Strelka is engaged in urban planning and project management. We have more than 350 specialists in our team.

We have been using Timetta for over a year to track working hours and costs for our projects. We have a creative team and therefore it is especially important that Timetta provides a simple and intuitive interface for filling timesheets.

During that period we have made an integration with the corporate budgeting system and now we automatically receive actual costing.

We recommend Timetta to medium and large companies in the field of consulting, engineering and architecture.

Alexander Radutsky


Managing Director

MEF PKF has been using Timetta for exactly a year. It took two weeks to start the system, and now it has more than fifty employees. Of course, the accounting of working hours, planning of loading and project management were carried out earlier, without this the normal work of the audit and consulting company is impossible, however after the implementation of the system we reached a new level.

Today, the leaders of our company see all projects in dynamics, and the consolidation of data and analysis of the results of operations of the divisions and the company as a whole takes much less time. This is especially true for long-term and multi-stage consulting projects, where we monitor incoming requests and allocate our resources depending on client activity.

Thus, Timetta allows us to evaluate projects, employees, and customers from different angles and be even more efficient.

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