How it works

Data collection through project plans, timesheets, budgets, etc.
Preparation and publication of dashboards and reports
Management has the ability to obtain analytical data
Export to Excel or external BI system (optional)


Dashboards help to visualize metrics and analytical information. Shared dashboards are created by the system administrator and published to selected user groups. Project managers, supervisors, and other users create personal dashboards for monitoring and control of their areas of responsibility.

Different types of widgets can be created in the dashboard builder: indicators, speedometers, charts, and tables. The source, grouping, and filtering of the data are customizable. The type of visualization is also configurable, e.g. the speedometer can be set up for ranges with color indication.

Dashboards use pre-computed data, which provides high performance even with massive amounts of input.

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports allow you to get a detailed analysis of the information. Shared reports and report templates are created by the system administrator. Personal reports are created by users for analysis and export of information.

The report builder works similarly to pivot tables.The report builder works similarly to pivot tables. Source data is grouped at the server level, and the report contains groups of rows and values.

Calculated fields complement the standard data sources and implement the necessary data transformation at the row level.

Benefits of Analytics in Timetta?

Dashboard builder
Report builder
Customizable calculated fields
Reporting API for BI systems integration
Afonkin Dmitry

Premium IT solution


Premium IT Solution is a company with more than 150 highly-qualified IT experts developing, implementing, and maintaining various software solutions. Thanks to Timetta, we are able to allocate working time and control paid services and our expenses, strictly controlling the key performance indicators of the projects and employees.

Timetta takes all the specific aspects of our business into account and is very convenient to use during regular business operation.

Elena Gorbacheva

Strelka KB

Deputy CFO

KB Strelka is engaged in urban planning and project management. We have more than 350 specialists in our team.

We have been using Timetta for over a year to track working hours and costs for our projects. We have a creative team and therefore it is especially important that Timetta provides a simple and intuitive interface for filling timesheets.

During that period we have made an integration with the corporate budgeting system and now we automatically receive actual costing.

We recommend Timetta to medium and large companies in the field of consulting, engineering and architecture.

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