How it works

Project manager selects billing rates for the project
Users track time and submit expenses
Timesheets and expenses requests are approved
Billing manager issues invoices and supervises payment

Invoice Management

Invoices allow you to bill clients for performed work and incurred expenses:

  • Selecting the invoice template;
  • Adding rows for approved T&M works and approved expenses requests;
  • Adjusting the amount of funds directly in the invoice or adding custom lines;
  • Invoice life cycle: draft, issued, cancelled and paid.

The invoice can be downloaded in PDF and sent immediately to the client.

Clients Debt Overview

Timetta tracks every billable hour and billable expense, improving the company’s financial performance and reducing revenue leakage.

Dashboards help to monitor client debts for the selected period. You can get following info:

  • T&M work according to approved timesheets;
  • Paid costs incurred on approved expenses requests.

Benefits of Client Billing in Timetta?

Reducing leakages of T&M revenue
Tracking every billable hour from timesheet entry to payment
Easy invoice issuance and export in PDF
Seamless integration with timesheets
Kirill Dyatko



More than 120 employees at the ALTHAUS investment consulting group are successfully using Timetta to track working time. The company implemented Timetta in order to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and the marginality of its projects.

User-friendly interface, cloud storage solutions, and incredible functionality allowed implementation of the entire solution for their commercial operation in the shortest possible time.

Alexander Radutsky


Managing Director

MEF PKF has been using Timetta for exactly a year. It took two weeks to start the system, and now it has more than fifty employees. Of course, the accounting of working hours, planning of loading and project management were carried out earlier, without this the normal work of the audit and consulting company is impossible, however after the implementation of the system we reached a new level.

Today, the leaders of our company see all projects in dynamics, and the consolidation of data and analysis of the results of operations of the divisions and the company as a whole takes much less time. This is especially true for long-term and multi-stage consulting projects, where we monitor incoming requests and allocate our resources depending on client activity.

Thus, Timetta allows us to evaluate projects, employees, and customers from different angles and be even more efficient.

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