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Timetta Lab is a software company founded in 2017. Main activity of the company is the development of Timetta — a cloud-native platform that empowers businesses by delivering Project Management, Resource Planning, and Financial Control. The Timetta Lab additionally provides consulting services through the implementation phase of the Timetta, as well as training and technical support services for clients. European headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic. The distributed team works all over the world.
Victor Zolotov
Victor Zolotov CEO
Alexander Spridonov
Alexander Spridonov Consulting Director
Our goals

Our product is developing to make the work of project-oriented teams more understandable and manageable. We provide a tool that helps to control business processes and evaluate the effectiveness of project management.

We make a product with a comfortable, understandable, and predictable interface. Despite external simplicity, Timetta includes years of experience and tons of accumulated knowledge to meet the needs of companies with a high level of project maturity.

We ensure our clients get the most out of their investments in our product. We give equal attention to the software code, implementation phase, user training, and technical support.

Our values

Focus on simplicity

We choose to focus a large amount of effort on external simplicity. Our team constantly works to provide customers the ability to use Timetta after a first glance at the interface.

The product can be used immediately after registration which minimizes implementation time.


We rely on a comprehensive methodology based on the experience of companies with high levels of process and project maturity.

In our work, we keep close business contact with customers. We speak the same language. We openly share experience and knowledge. We listen carefully to our clients' needs. And do everything it takes to make our product better.

Solid partnership

Timetta keeps a delicate balance between flexibility and convenience. We keep in mind that some customers' problems need a specific approach, but at the same time, we make careful changes to the product itself.

Every step at the stage of development is considered and weighted many times.

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