How it works

Manager creates a project resource plan in generic resources
Project managers request resources or book resources by themselves
Project manager updates the resource plan based on resource availability
Manager monitors project performance and updates plans

Project Resource Plan

Resource plan is a plan for a specific project, broken down into tasks. This plan is prepared by the project manager. Resource planning is necessary to estimate the labor costs of the project, and for further resources booking.

Resource plan displays the entire team and the assigned tasks. You only need to specify the time needed to complete the tasks.

You can plan in named or generic resources, in different units and scales.

Resource Requests

The project manager is not always able to find a resource for the project team. In this case, manager plans the project using generic resources (roles) and then requests the named resources from the resource manager.

The request describes the required resource — role, skills, required capacity, preferred employees.

Resource Manager uses the booking assistant, which will automatically select suitable resources according to the request, and immediately offer to book the capacity applying different booking methods.

Resource Booking

Resource booking process can be centralized, through resource managers, or decentralized, in which case project managers themselves book resources for their projects.

Bookings are made at the project level, because the resource manager does not dip down to the task management.

Timetta resource booking process helps to overcome some of the most basic challenges:

  • Increase of team utilization through higher capacity on commercial projects and preventing gaps;
  • Avoid conflicts in booking, whenever different projects need the same resource at the same time;
  • Evaluate long-term resource requirements by skill and role.

Timetta provides resource booking in different scales and units.

Benefits of Resource Management in Timetta

Automated project cost estimation
Increase staff utilization
Planning and estimating staffing needs
No conflict over resources
Afonkin Dmitry

Afonkin Dmitry


Premium IT Solution is a company with more than 150 highly-qualified IT experts developing, implementing, and maintaining various software solutions. Thanks to WorkPoint, we are able to allocate working time and control paid services and our expenses, strictly controlling the key performance indicators of the projects and employees.

WorkPoint takes all the specific aspects of our business into account and is very convenient to use during regular business operation.

Kirill Dyatko

Kirill Dyatko


More than 120 employees at the ALTHAUS investment consulting group are successfully using WorkPoint to track working time. The company implemented WorkPoint in order to evaluate the efficiency of its employees and the marginality of its projects.

User-friendly interface, cloud storage solutions, and incredible functionality allowed implementation of the entire solution for their commercial operation in the shortest possible time.

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