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Read success stories about how using Timetta has changed business processes and helped stay focused on company goals.

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Timetta is a ready-made software, you can say «sign-up and work». The system is based on the experience of our Accenture-level customers. Therefore, you will get the maximum effect if you learn and implement the recommended business processes. With this, I and the consulting practice are ready to help.

Alexander Spiridonov
Alexander Spiridonov
Timetta Consulting Director
Time tracking
Project management
Resource planning
Finance management
Client billing
Reports and analytics

Customer reviews

Timetta is a ready-made solution for companies from various industries — consulting, IT integration, architecture, audit and marketing etc. Find out what business owners are saying about Timetta and how the product has changed the way they work.

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Peter Fafara
Partner Blank Architects

Blank Architects specializes in complex architectural projects. For us, time is a basic economic indicator. We have been using Timetta for over 2 years and can recommend the system as a reliable timekeeping tool and performance evaluation tool for project teams.

Lyudmila Likhova
HRD NMi Group

NMi Group Holding helps large federal brands promote themselves on the Internet, on TV radio and city banners. The company now employs more than 100 people. In a year of working with Timetta, we have optimized the team's working hours and relieved high-paying employees.

Ekaterina Gulyaeva
Head of PMO Dinord

Dinord develops business solutions for the SAP platform. We have 60 people in our team. After the implementation of Timetta, each employee sees his own workload and can better plan his work schedule.

Ksenia Solovyeva
CEO Func

The service came to us at Func while we were thinking about our own accounting system development. And saved us from wasting thousands of internal hours. It's a great way to keep track of project portfolios. Analyze slices of important parameters, helps the project office keep its hand on the pulse.

Kirill Dyatko

More than 120 employees of the investment-consulting ALTHAUS Group successfully use Timetta for timekeeping. The company uses the system to evaluate employee efficiency and project margins.

Denis Gureev
CEO Architectural Bureau “Ostozhenka”

Compared to Excel spreadsheets, it takes much less time to fill in timesheets and analyze them. We liked working with Timetta because of the system's convenience. We can safely recommend it to our colleagues from other companies.

Mikhail Gurevich
Partner Masterkaya “KSP”

The KSP workshop has been using Timetta since January 2018. During this time, the system has become a familiar tool for accounting and labor planning, and has taken its place in the company's business processes. Filling out and coordinating timesheets in Timetta has become a routine operation and takes 5 minutes a day.

Evgeny Rudakov
Partner ADE Professional Solutions

Within a month, we managed to configure and implement Timetta in ADE. Convenient report designer, configuration of workflow approvals, prompt technical support — all this allowed us to make the system startup process comfortable for our employees. We recommend Timetta as a convenient functional tool with good technical support.

Andrey Vedeshin
Head of Business Analysis Systems at GMCS

Timetta we have been using for more than 2 years. Thanks to this system, we have practically eliminated «resource» wars in GMCS, which was one of the main goals of the resource management system. The system allowed us to see a clear and transparent picture of the work on projects.

Igor Elovikov
Deputy General Director of EAE-Consult

It is fundamentally important for EAE-Consult to use resources rationally and manage projects efficiently. That is why we use the Timetta-based resource planning and labor accounting system. The system provides capabilities for timekeeping, resource utilization management and project performance control.

Alexander Radutsky
Managing Director PKF MEF

PKF MEF has been using Timetta for three years. Today, PKF MEF managers see all projects in a dynamic way, and it takes us considerably less time to consolidate data and analyze the performance of our divisions. Timetta allows us to assess projects, employees and customers from different angles and be even more efficient.

Alexander Bashkov
Project Manager at Beyond Taylor

We like Timetta for its clear interface and functionality. It has everything you need to constantly track the economics of your projects. The analytics allow us to quickly put together a report with a focus on different metrics. We can safely say that Timetta meets all the needs of Beyond Taylor.

Roman Fetkullov
Head of Visualization and Analytical Solutions at CSC (NLMK)

The Corporate Solutions Center was looking for a solution that would capture the distribution of workload into priority or non-target operations, their composition, and help determine the share of employees' involvement in project activities. The choice was made in favor of implementing Timetta.

Maria Grigorieva
Managing Partner Axenix

In March 2022, more than 2,000 of our employees found themselves without all the technological tools or even a basic email and Internet site — Accenture made the decision to separate us. So we started looking at what ready-made products were already on the market, naturally local and without global clouds. In the end, we chose a solution that suited us: the Timetta cloud system.

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