The key task of Timetta is to manage time, projects, resources, and billing.

Resources are employees who work on projects. The skills of the employee are an important parameter that helps to create efficient teams for the projects.

Managing skills in Timetta

What are skills, and how does Timetta help to manage them?

In the classic system of competence management, where Competence = Knowledge + Abilities + Skills, a skill is something that can be automatically performed by an employee.

However, Timetta doesn’t make any one of the methodologies obligatory. In the case when it’s required, one can use competencies instead of skills, and so on. ‘Skill’ is widely used and know the term, that’s why it’s implemented in the system by default.

How it works

The administrator of the system creates a list of skills (a flat list with the name and description). Line managers and business administrators, e.g., HR specialists, are able to allocate the skills to specific employees.

The set of user skills, as well as the levels of such skills, can be managed in the profile of the user:

Users skills in Timetta

Evaluation of the skill in the profile is the benchmark evaluation assigned according to the internal rules of the employee evaluation.

The list of the skills for employees can be found in a special ‘Skills of the users’ report. Let’s imagine that we need to create a heat map of the available skills:

Report - Skill matrix

There’s also a different type of evaluation after the completed project, which can be performed by the manager of the project or of the program:

Skills assessment by project

The project evaluation is the secondary one and is usually applied during the process of project termination and evaluation of the obtained results.

One can receive personalized information by using ‘Evaluation of skills in the projects’. For example, one can evaluate the average skills of a specific employee throughout projects:

Evaluating the average skills possession for a specific user of Timetta

Report - Skills by project

What happens next

In the near future, Timetta will develop improved functionality for skills management. First of all, the resource manager and the project manager will be able to filter resources by skills during the process of the project team creation.

The skills can also be used as a form of gamification, allowing a set of parameters such as ‘The best improvement of a skill’ or ‘The champion of the month in project evaluation’.

We also plan to add groups of skills, which will facilitate work for companies with a huge range of skills, or if the company requires ‘skills — abilities — knowledge’ segmentation.

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