The project program is a new feature in Timetta.

This is used to unite various projects, providing overall indices and a common system for project management. The projects may be unified using various features or indicators: subject, budget, or general contractor contract. Furthermore, by using project programs, the users are able to divide huge projects into small subprojects.

Each project program can be assigned a manager and a list of co-managers who will be the members of the management team.

Parameters of the program may be added with various additional fields, making the entire solution more flexible and adapting it to your business needs.

Inclusion of the projects

The program can have an additional project added at any given moment in time. The ‘Projects’ tab shows all active projects included in the program. The user is able to adjust the viewing mode by adding various columns, e.g., ‘Planned/Real’ hours column for each of the projects:


Each and every project program can be used as a separate element of various reports, e.g. a performance report.

There’s also a new type of project program report that represents a log including all available analytics and measurement tools.

Approval roles

New roles are available for the approval rules of timesheets, time-off requests, and expenses requests: program manager and program co-manager:

Project program in Timetta is a complex solution that allows grouping of various projects, managing a group of projects at once, and analyzing data across various programs.

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